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Prophi$ee No Holding Back


New Jersey-born rapper and artist Prophi$ee, now based in Raleigh, reunites the evocative soundscapes of Hip Hop’s past, with a distinctly versatile and purposeful approach to crafting bars.

The new single No Holding Back is instantly captivating for its musical and cinematic details, and at the same time presents an impassioned and eclectic outpouring from Prophi$ee, ranging from canned segments for the hook repeat, to calmer spoken reflections and metaphors that help shine light on the conscious approach of the rapper.

Creatively engaging for this boldly choir-like, almost Church-style arrangement, No Holding Back proceeds to draw listeners in for its aptly motivational writing and the grittier implications of the soundscape and story. Featuring gunshots and screams intertwined with haunting production, the single offers an earworm of a hook repeat that’s both unsettling and unforgettable, and contrasts this intensity with milder verses exploring the relatability of struggle and the climb towards success.

In short, it’s a fresh take on a forever compelling topic, and both the music and bars help Prophi$ee connect and hold attention throughout.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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