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Project Haze Til Heaven Comes


From mellow EDM soundscapes, dreamy and immersive, through decidedly unique, breathy and delicate vocals, Project Haze capture a sound and song-writing style that feels both contemporary and classic with their single Til Heaven Comes.

Effectively blurring the lines between dance music and the bigger band outputs of those who craft pop-rock anthems with simple, catchy riffs, the single pours through like a smooth hit of emotional intention. There’s depth to the writing, soulfulness in the delivery and melody, and thanks to pristine production – all of this connects with ease.

Beautifully crafted, and impressively recognisable within the scene.

Daydream is another stand-out single from the band’s recent catalogue, all the more mellow and dreamy in its spacious, hypnotic wash of simplicity and falsetto-style vocals.

Tipping its hat to the euphoric festival hits of a simpler decade, the song follows an organic pathway to invite interest in the live show – as well as providing a rather blissful hit of escapism for the at-home listener willing to lose themselves in the moment.

There’s meaning in the writing, and the vocal presents this with genuine heart – the more you listen, the more these words and these feelings overwhelm; a powerful, beautiful and provocative single.

We get a little more of that organic, soft-rock set-up for tracks like Through The Night (Interlude), complete with its calming piano and strings combination.

This EP of last year also includes the beating heart and loving uplift of Isabelle an intimate and open dedication to a significant other, a relationship experience. The production is subtle but striking when you’re committed to the music – a refreshing alternative to the quirks and volume utilised elsewhere within much of modern pop.

Safe Heaven comes in later and really lights up the live sound with simple riffs and comforting progressions. The vocals are a little more clean-cut, the melody easy to predict and join in with – a notably more mainstream, minimalist offering that works well to redirect things at this point. As always, the band write from the heart, in a deeply thoughtful way.

In contrast, Shadows Dancing leads with a sense of drama, rising anticipation in the beat and vocals ahhs, before evolving through another story that reflects on personal difficulty and refocuses to appreciate the little things in life. An inspiring single, warming and enjoyable to turn up loud and relax into.

Project Haze turns out to be the perfect name for this band. These dreamy yet purposeful songs connect for their realness and soft embrace alike, and there’s even a clear level of versatility between tracks. A live show is a must as and when things kick back into gear.

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Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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