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Jump Out is a track that does exactly what the title promises in terms of letting audiences know POPMFS is here and making music. The single brings together a dramatic and consistently intensifying soundscape with a confident and energetic vocal flow, making for something that falls about as far from the easy-listening or mellow genre types as possible.

Jump Out rightfully makes certain you’ve heard it once the beat starts to play. POPMFS has presented something that musically leans back and forth between retro elements of electronica, and the more epic, synth or string layers of vibrancy that you might find in a Jay Z collab. This gives the song weight, for sure, but each time you listen it feels like less of a purely loud and bold piece of music and more like something with a few dashes of emotion and intent to it – introducing a little more edge, in my opinion. The music has something fresh about it, particularly in this context.

Performance-wise POPMFS puts on a bright and confident show that takes inspiration from the classic corners of hip hop. The lyrics present a level of assuredness, holding nothing back, being unafraid. The doubled vocals add a feeling of togetherness, increasing the volume and energy; increasing the degree to which the song’s hook and the song in full jumps out at you. Everything about it makes sense in the context of the track and its underlying idea. It’s a big single, and POPMFS more than meets the requirements to carry that sort of sound. It’s energetic and proud to be what it is. The sound stands out right now for its boldness and intensity when considered among the more delicate, calmer hip hop releases that seem to be making waves lately.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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