Polyphonic Exophilia - Vol. 3 - Stereo Stickman

Polyphonic Exophilia Vol. 3


Newly formed and openly expressing a fetish for the unexplored – Norway’s Polyphonic Exophilia made fine use of the lockdown months in crafting a long-desired passion project of previously untouched methods.

The result is a jazz-cafe-style series of colourful instrumental journeys, each one organic and immersive for its rhythmic and calming properties alike – each one also rooted in shared conceptual depth and the power of collaboration united.

With three projects already under their belt, Vol. III marks a fine moment to get in on the sound.

Beginning with the soulful and bass-warm Past, the intriguing EP presents a wash of escapism that blends the embrace of live jazz and funk with the hypnotic qualities of trip hop – for a truly soothing, aptly reflective listen. The music plays, the soundscape evolves, the mind wanders…

As per the implications of the opener, the following track Present redirects things to the here and now – a cleaner set-up from the outset, a simple solo meandering amidst plenty of space and some subtle synth keys.

Sure enough, the energy later kicks in with a soul-rock groove, and we’re elevated – uplifted in the moment and finding it close to impossible not to move along to the beat and the tune. Superb musicianship, without question.

Future completes the trio with a personal favourite rhythm and stylish electric guitar-lead. Great bass-work once again, a fast pace and a clear sense of engaging presence that begs for you to listen during the long commute – or dance a little faster as the music rains down.

We then get a more sci-fi-kissed instance of retro keys as Spacetime wraps things up. A little more jazz-ready with the hi-hits and rising anticipation of the intro. Also offering a twist in character as a gentle vocal guides us with poetic lyrical contemplations. Another highlight, and a fine example of the limitless possibilities at hand when global shutdown opens up the doorway to global online collaboration.

From the previous Volumes, ups et pertulerat showcases another hit of versatility. Funky and infectious, with spiralling melodic sections intertwined alongside the relentless pace of the drums, and a latter half that rebuilds unexpectedly.

There’s also Omoi to experience, from the debut EP – the most broadly streamed track to date and one with a clear degree of cinematic personality and yesteryear swagger as it slowly strolls into view. Stylish and experimental, catchy and energising, quickly drowning out the weight of the world with a distinctly creative edge of raw live musicianship.

Extensive compositions, somewhat live-jam-style but also notably connected to an inherent understanding across all performances – the PPXP sound is nostalgic by nature but refreshingly relevant by style, production and mood.

It’s recognisable, in short, for the quick riffs, the oneness, the grooves, the colours, and the sheer escapism on offer – and a pleasure to lose yourself in for a while.

Download music or follow Polyphonic Exophilia here or head to Twitter, Instagram & their Website.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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