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Point Blank Society Tell Me I Matter


Point Blank Society is a project founded and led by Cullen King, an artist with an extensive background in music and performance. Whether you’ve stumbled upon his music before or not, this single – Tell Me I Matter – is a hugely interesting and beautifully ambient RnB-fusion track, and it paves the way for big things as his creative career continues to grow.

Tell Me I Matter is an incredibly atmospheric piece of music with a notably emotional, soulful leading voice that softly but surely weaves its sentiments into your consciousness. Far more than a simple pop song with a predictable set-up, the track veers off down its own unexpected pathways, feeling partly inspired by the passionate meandering melodies of The Weeknd, partly feeling fresh from the hands of an experimental, well-experienced and skillful producer. The balance is powerful, and at no point does either quality take away from the other. On the contrary, everything that pours through from the moment you press play compliments everything else that surrounds it.

Point Blank Society as a project seems to drive with an inherent desire to express the inexpressible. There’s a clear level of heartache and struggle in the lyrics and in the sheer desperation of the vocal delivery, it’s subtle but very real – vulnerable but in a confident, hypnotic sort of way. And all the while, the music surrounds you more and more so as the track progresses. The instrumentation has been so finely tuned and captured that you feel completely lost within the moment as the whole thing plays out for you. There are so many elements of now involved, it sounds relevant and fresh, but it also undoubtedly follows its own uninhibited, creative route, and all of this makes for something that totally draws you in. Expect big things from Point Blank Society as the coming months and years go by.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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