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Point Blank Society Ambivalence


Back with a beautifully well-crafted collection of originals, Point Blank Society aim high with dreamy production and emotive song-writing alike throughout this brand new album.

Impossible Dreams as an opener is fairly perfect, progressing from delicate and breathy beginnings throughout a fully energising, impassioned dance-pop realm for the hook.

Clever distortion and warping helps build something uniquely creative, whilst never taking away from the outright angst and empowerment of the lyrics – this resounding poetic concept that finalises in every case with the repeat of ‘thanks for nothing’.

Brilliant song-writing and production united meets with vocals and melodic progressions that feel fresh, artistic yet genuine. The lyrics intrigue, seeming familiar and relatable but in a new way – another manner of expressing these ideas that connect for their sheer humanity.

These qualities continue throughout the album, along with a superb level of eclecticism to hold attention every step of the way. Warm musicalities, soulful intentions. An immersive hit of escapism with equal parts experimental sound-design and absolute honesty in performance and concept. Beautiful.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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