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Plevyak’s single Fly is precisely the kind of song that reminds you that widespread reach in music is based on a hearty balance of hard work, talent, and in many cases, luck. Fly is a brilliant song, flawless even – beautifully and passionately performed, written from the heart, with equal parts poetry and personal intimacy. When artists like Jason Mraz or even Goo Goo Dolls have reached millions of listeners with the very same kind of song, it makes you wonder what else we’ve been missing out on.

The soundscape for this release has been crafted with care, thoughtfully building upon each layer with only the most relevant and effective riffs and instruments. It’s a warm ambiance that feels half organic and half ready to top the charts in any mainstream pop arena. What you really take away from it though, what gives it that vibrancy and that fire, is Plevyak’s leading voice and the melody and lyrics that pour through. This feels like an accessible song, welcoming, nostalgic even; to an extent. There’s something very pure about the artist’s approach to expression – even the chords chosen create a certain lightness that’s perfectly in line with this concept of flying. It’s his voice that allows it to draw you in though, that realness and honesty in the tone and the delivery adds so much to the overall effect.

In addition to that central idea, that relatable element, the song’s verses showcase a more vulnerable or raw side to the artist, leaning in a personal story-telling sort of direction, and being presented in an almost acoustic manner. These are the moments you hear that live sound coming through. This song would work equally well at a solo acoustic show, just the artist and his guitar, or at a full band show – where the chorus would hit with immense impact as all of these flickers of colour combine and collaborate. That inherent talent and eclecticism will take him far, and I’d be surprised if we aren’t hearing this and any number of other Plevyak releases on global radio over the coming months and years.

Fly is a beautiful song, comforting and uplifting to listen to at volume, recognizable for its simple but effective hook section, and powerful without appearing insincere. What I mean by that is that Plevyak has a skillful singing voice, but it’s subtle, it comes through in a way that’s so much easier to connect with or feel understood by – the artist doesn’t distance himself from the audience by over-performing or adding in unnecessary flashes of brightness or weight. It just is what it is, it’s natural, and that gives it all the strength it needs.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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