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Play Master Frequency Noor Path


Skilfully intertwining the delicacy of choir-style vocals and retro electronic synths, Play Master Frequency craft an enthralling journey through atmospheric and emotional depths, for Noor Path.

Despite the somewhat vintage effects and tones of Noor Path, it’s a clearly contemporary piece – one that’s been finely-designed so as to hit with significant impact when experienced at volume. The resulting music brings qualities of exotic, Eastern influence, as well as a plethora of possible inspirations from the likes of electronica, neo-classical, and even modern folk-pop.

Progressing for merely the length of a standard industry release, Noor Path appears to have a far more vast realm of melody and intrigue to it than most singles. The evolution of the set-up sees things consistently shifting, but never at the risk of losing those essential threads of identity – these haunting voices, the warmth of the underlying rhythm and bass, and the generally captivating fusion of industrial and ambient traits.

Fascinating in style yet also effective as its own tuneful and uplifting hit of escapism, Noor Path introduces Play Master Frequency as a creative collective with a defiantly unique approach to production and composition.

Single out March 3rd. Follow Play Master Frequency on Instagram.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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