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Plastic DJ Breathe Me In


Following the release of Giving UpBarcelona’s Plastic DJ has finally released a full-length album – completing the playlist and offering music fans an extended audio experience that’s all at once uplifting and deeply calming.

Plastic DJ is something of a master of moods, the opening track from Breathe Me In – the addictively immersive I’ll Be A Chemical – manages to craft around you something that’s retro and distorted yet also delicate and dreamlike in the same instance. The opening set-up brings energy, a likable, awakening pace – the fuzz-soaked synth riff that then introduces the chord progression keeps that energy rising.

Following this though, the featured vocal appears in short whispers, fragments of ideas that are quietly sung to the listener. Then you get hints of organic piano, lighter synths adding color and brightness to the outer edges, and soon enough – all of these elements and layers that you wouldn’t usually expect to find in one place, are uniting perfectly together within the soundscape. The lyrics and this level of movement feels brilliantly connected to the very concept of breathe me in – the music breathes in and out, seemingly with gusto but simultaneously calmed by the sheer purity and quiet of that vocal.

A fantastic way to begin an album that continues to be an absolute breath of fresh air and pristine musical escapism. Moths Of The Moon follows and sees similarity meet with a refreshing downpour of fiery synth notes and moments that light up the room beautifully.

Eight original tracks designed with care, with clear emotion and professionalism combined. Breathe Me In as a complete project is a rewarding journey to embark upon – the perfect choice this summer but also offering a timeless quality not unlike the work of Everything But The Girl or even The Crystal Method; only with a notable lightness, and a fairly eclectic progression thanks to a number of unique features.

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Rebecca Cullen

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Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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