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PixelandDigital Neural Nexus


An array of voices, instrumental intricacies and tempos make up the fearlessly versatile sound of Neural Nexus.

An electronic album of seven enchanting originals, connecting for their soulful undertones and blissful presentations alike – PixelandDigital master the EDM space, and effectively envelope listeners in the fullness and melodic beauty of intricate dance.

Break Away is our opener, quietly incorporating both the ethereal and the vigorous by way of a descending bass pattern and lighter overlaying synth. Then we get the classic nostalgia of this crisp dance vocalist, poetry and personal revelations bridging the gap between the music and its listener, and the subsequently evolving soundscape more than reinforcing that ever-present emotional poignancy and freedom of expression.

Structurally designed for phenomenal impact, Break Away kicks off this project with unignorable skill and style, and things continue to illuminate the same fusion of traits.

Makes me feel alive redirects us from soulful EDM towards the eighties stomp and euphoric synths of a sci-fi drenched realm, mellow yet detailed in a cinematic fashion, perhaps more notably familiar as PixelandDigital from previous works. The soundscape gathers momentum and journey, the layers seemingly full from the start but evolving all the more so as the mid-section and final third respectively take center stage.

In Your Fantasy raises the pace and the pulse, juxtaposing a relentless rhythm with breathy, delicate vocals akin to the dawn of euphoric dance back in the nineties. Intensity and warmth walk hand in hand for an increasingly uplifting audio venture. We’re then calmed once more by the lower tones and poetic search of a well-placed Direction of Love. The eclecticism between tracks continues to impress, always the EDM heartbeat leading the way, but with so much inspiring creativity separating each and every piece of the puzzle.

Lower tones still bring a warped vocal and powerful sense of rising anticipation with Fall In Pieces – a heavily euphoric highlight during the latter half, those crisp synths injecting a bold riff and conceptual depth that naturally connect. After this, Away from U raises the bar further still, promising an infectious weight and presence of wholly instrumental intensity and pace. An addictively mighty rush ensues for this penultimate moment, softened briefly by a divinely delicate vocal and piano pairing – contrast faultlessly captured once again.

A strong hook and colourful groove wrap things up on a defiant high, Conscious encapsulating the strengths of the project whilst redirecting the style once again – almost towards electro pop or dream wave, but still with that precise fusion of lightness and outright potency.

Far from the usual EDM producer of one quick hit and a dozen similar-sounding attempts, PixelandDigital bring the artistry and originality back to electronic sound-design. Neural Nexus provides both the brainwave excitement its title promises, and the immersive escapism of finely-crafted, consistently unique dance music.

Download or stream Neural Nexus. Find PixelandDigital on Instagram, Soundcloud & their Website.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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