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Pirritu Out On A Whim


Crisp acoustic origins deliver an intimate and emotive folk sentiment and song, as Melbourne creative Pirritu releases the heartfelt and poetically expressive Out On A Whim.

Tipping its hat to the warmth of folk-pop but also maintaining that organic clarity and real-time musicianship, the song depicts a skillful and devoted way with songwriting. The style blends dashes of influence from the likes of Johnny Flynn as much so as the bigger-band presence of acts like The Cat Empire.

Allowing the energy to build just subtly throughout, the single promises fragments of personal anecdote intertwined with more broadly accessible references; naturally allowing this to become the ‘our song’ for any and all who share a powerful connection.

Pirritu – the artist moniker of Brett Lee – appears to have mastered the art of impact with this one. Out On A Whim effectively utilises contrast between acoustic softness and the fuller moments of bass, rhythm and choir, to further underline the passion and gratitude of the writing.

Released November 25th, Out On A Whim serves as a fine introduction to Pirritu’s upcoming album, leading with delicacy and optimism to explore reflections on love and personal connection.

Highlighting strength of songwriting and performance combined, the track speaks volumes on behalf of the breadth of talent and passion that makes up the current indie scene. The arrangement guides us hypnotically through joyful verses towards the outright uplift of a finely-crafted, celebratory hook.

Beautifully built, faultlessly performed, and with refreshingly interesting, original lyrics at its core. No doubt the longer project will be well worth delving into.

Grab the music here or via Bandcamp & check out Pirritu on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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