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Pios Phantom The Siegbachthal Rock Opera


Unwavering energy, multi-coloured rock soundscapes and emotive melodies make up the Pios Phantom project – the collaborative band behind The Siegbachthal Rock Opera – a multitude of originals to its name, and a brand new single and video on the way set to elevate things all the more so.

Blending genres in a fearlessly passionate manner, the sound unites elements of rock, punk and pop, under the rock-opera blanket of immersive, engaging storytelling. Thanks to the effective structuring of the songs, the softness of the verses as they build up towards the poetic and musical resolve of the hook, this approach feels both original and familiar in its satisfying progression and drop.

‘We are slaves to the sun and the moon’ resounds from the latest single, and echoes out as a typical trait of the Pios Phantom creative thread – an act combining the talents of a plethora of producers, musicians and singers from across the globe, to express and celebrate the lyrics and creative direction of artist Balarama.

Pios Phantom is the band, founded to present this charity release – twenty one original songs, with seven singles incorporated.

The project is as eclectic as hoped, from the delicacy of its acoustically finger-picked introduction and loving intentions (Dove 4 Love) , through a series of higher-octane electronic rock and dance realms like Muttony Stone for unmistakable good vibes and memorable intensity – the contrast is clear and effective, and the melodic work and performances are second to none.

Featuring more than a few emotional anthems of cascading world music layers and deeply moving vocals, the project fuses elements of brit-pop, classic rock, country, folk, EDM and even meditative ambient. The journey is extensive, loaded with melodies, solos, next-level musicianship and consistent unity between band members. Always the Balarama lyrical backbone compels you to listen and consider; these contemplative stories that shine light on a series of reflective topics.

Highlights include Bird In The Sky, gorgeously performed and catchy, uplifting in subject and tone, and the contrasting energy and weight of a pop-punk-infused The Black Stone. Water is also a favourite for its pop-rock calm and profound lyrical beauty – common traits found throughout the entire collection.

Elsewhere we get superb riff-work, powerful instrumental build-ups, and varied concepts from the personal to the more broadly topical and relevant. In every case the stories relate back to the experiences of our protagonist and lyricist, traveling the world as a Pilgrim. As such, at any interval, the music connects for its humanity and faultlessly skilful presentation alike.

In short, a fiercely devoted album and project, from a collaborative corner of global creativity that shines with undeniable brightness. Superb songwriting, original and refreshingly clever, musically comforting, uplifting, awakening.

The whole thing urges you to listen more than a few times over, and indeed to seek out a live performance if ever the opportunity should arise.

Celebrating oneness, shared humanity and cultural vastness, The Siegbachthal Rock Opera is an artistic endeavor and journey more than worth the time it takes to explore.

Check out Balarama here or on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, Apple & Deezer.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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