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Pierre Laurendeau Where The Hell R U


Pierre Laurendeau ventures out into the unknown with this latest single, introducing something completely unexpected and perhaps more creative and clear-cut than anything he’s put out to date.

Openly declaring itself as A rallying song for all those who still believe that Love is stronger than Hatred, the track wins your attention from the offset with its deep and intimate vocal line, then proceeds to weave around you an entrancing and positively uplifting soundscape – one that feels brilliantly fresh yet also appreciably rooted in authentic EDM. What is a mere four to five minute journey ends up feeling like something much bigger – gearing you up perfectly well for the weekend ahead or indeed this upcoming holiday season.

Laurendeau is a fascinating producer, with every release he puts forth there’s a known air of professionalism interwoven among his experimentally creative drive. This is an absolute highlight and a track that presents an enjoyable level of character and colour – leaning slightly towards the quirkier side of the electronic music spectrum, but never quite falling too far in that direction. Balance is crucial and that’s something Laurendeau knows and works with masterfully throughout his work.

Where the majority of dance releases have taken to the modern pop-fusion approach in recent years, this track offers hope. There’s a classic or tribal house vibe to the composition that’s a joy to have rain down around you. There are also three bigger sections or moments at which a drop occurs and the energy peaks – each of these gathers further momentum, increasing in detail as the track progresses. The final third brings together the spacious intro with elements of distortion and power – all of which is flawlessly crafted and perfectly mesmerizing as a result.

I may have said this a few too many times in recent weeks, but 2019 looks set to bring through some of the world’s most interesting and refreshing music yet. Where The Hell R U is a must-have for classic house and EDM fans who crave that late night escapism.

Download or stream the track here. Find & follow Pierre Laurendeau on FacebookTwitterSoundcloud. Visit his Website for more information.

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