PIERO - SPELL - Stereo Stickman



Introducing a huge piano-ballad with a marching rhythm and devotedly passionate vocal lead – singer and songwriter PIERO gets deeply personal, with the unavoidably catchy anthem SPELL.

Making its way through slowly revealing verses, SPELL lays down a foundation of relentless kick drum and keys, before building up towards a euphoric combination of guitars, synths, multiple vocals and rhythms.

The latter half sees this fusion of elements really raise up the emotion and energy of the performance in line with the changing stages of the story. Prior to this, we get a characterful vocal lead, recognizable in its integrity and personality, and later our protagonist proves to have effectively drawn us in for the long-run, with a superb sense of structure and songwriting.

Not quite reaching the three-minute mark but hitting all the right notes creatively regardless, SPELL is somewhat unique in its lyrical concept, its intricate detail and individuality, but is also vastly familiar and relatable in its big-band anthemic warmth and uplift. That balance works well, offering a radio classic hit whilst also introducing an independent artist with a clearly original approach.

SPELL is beautiful, in short, professionally crafted but also quirky and distinct enough to stand out – and with an absolute ear-worm of a hook. I look forward to hearing more music from PIERO.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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