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Phat Bollard Go To College (2Seas Sessions)


Phat Bollard are a fantastic band, one I’ve stumbled upon before in the case of raw footage – captured on the phones of passers by as the band busk with their iconic songs across the UK. It’s a total pleasure and a notably different experience to witness this live session so brilliantly produced by 2Seas Sessions. Go To College is a definite highlight from the set, though the whole thing is by all means worth letting play for you.

The six musicians that make up the band have a certain unity between them that seems to contrast with the total freedom they exercise when writing their songs. Go To College holds nothing back, openly outlining the issues of today, of modern life, in a way that really makes you think a little more deeply about your choices and your journey so far in the world. This sort of energy and perspective hasn’t made waves in this manner since punk-rock first took over the airwaves and the live scene. In this case, the organic, acoustic energy of the band makes for an enjoyably rhythmic and quite delicate take on rat-race angst and unstoppable passion.

By the time the video comes to an end, that simple chord progression and rhythm has left you somewhat addicted, and the sheer pace at which the lyrics were delivered adds to this innate desire to go back and listen once or twice more – just to revel in the hypnotic, rebellious vibrancy for a little longer.

Songwriting aside, although this is undoubtedly a big part of what separates the band right now, their live performances are genuinely uplifting. From this professionally captured session you can totally visualize and confirm that a gig from the band would be a night to remember.

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