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Peeeedro Dog Days


Fully-loaded retro synth-wave pours through with a fair balance of melodic threads and euphoric overtones – Nail//Neon introduces this electronic project from Portugal artist Peeedro.

Somewhat uniting uncertainty and joy, the melody and chord progression feel contemplative – uplifting but not excessively positive, just driven and effectively distracting; a worthy combination for the escapism-seeker.

Structurally the project Dog Days showcases a producer with a clear sense of story and purpose to the work – an evolution within each piece that keeps it engaging. While the title and implied ideas seem fairly basic, with every track having its own dog person image and thematic undertone, there’s depth and imaginative discovery to the music, and Nail//Neon draws focus to that right away.

Elsewhere we get hints of brightness, a floor-filler optimism with a twist of electric guitar, funky bass and a subtle build up – Ice Cream//Riviera openly delivers the good vibes required for that summer energy. Stylish and freestyle on the one hand, rhythmically rooted on the other; an enchanting combination of elements – finely-produced to allow the whole thing to envelop its listener at volume.

We then get a touch of sci-fi gamer intensity for Ignite//Fera, faster-paced but still utilizing those Peeeedro tones and details that are true to the Dog Days realm. Always the meeting of guitar and synth, the eighties inspiration and the modern clarity, stands tall.

One last hit from the Dog Days project and a personal favourite is Royal//Furtiva, the chemistry seems to connect just right for this one – intertwining a rise and fall melody that’s mildly warped as this yesteryear beat and various synths and distorted tones cascade and collide. An hypnotic piece to listen through, with almost five-minutes of movement that holds you close and inspires a sense of possibility in the same instance.

Peeeedro impresses with Dog Days, faultless production and a clear love for melodic and synth-led entertainment – the power of music with depth and colour – everything leans in favour of a memorable and rather addictive audience experience.

Download or stream Dog Days from June 26th. Find Peeeedro Facebook, YouTube & Instagram.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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