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Still Here is the upcoming single from artist and songwriter PeeBee. It’s a song that takes on a topic that is often considered extremely difficult to discuss or is even avoided entirely due to the taboo surrounding it. In correlation with the start of Suicide Prevention week in the US, the single will be released on September 10th and will be available to stream or download via Reverbnation. We were blessed with an early listen and can say with absolute certainty that it’s well worth tuning in for.

Musically speaking, Still Here is a beautifully ambient piece that sets a calming yet hopeful, uplifting mood. The beat is fairly mellow and the leading riff has a peaceful simplicity that welcomes you into the heart of the music; a space within which you can take on and truly believe these lyrics as if they were written directly for you.

It’s an important song, and the way in which the topic has been approached – the softly spoken yet powerful expression, the unwavering addressing of facts, the sheer sense of possibility and optimism – is inspiring to listen to, and it’s enjoyable; it lifts you up, reminds you that you’re not alone, that there is plenty to live for. It gives you a go-to moment of escapism that comes through as absolutely genuine.

PeeBee’s musical direction in general offers something of value as it’s preciously the kind of laid-back, approachable sound and character that people who are struggling may often be looking for. The use of a single voice for the most part makes it a personal, far from overwhelming discussion of the topic of struggle and suicide, which, considering the loneliness and isolation that often come with these feelings of being unable to continue, is probably the most accessible and effective way to reach out. It’s a powerful song, beautifully composed, with a stunning hook section, and thoughtfully written so as to reach out and connect with anyone who hears it.

Read our in-depth interview with PeeBee regarding the song here. Stream the release via Reverbnation or PeeBee’s Website or download it here. Find & follow PeeBee on Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat & Instagram.

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