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Pauline Frechette Love In The Afternoon


Love In The Afternoon opens up with a beautiful, classically inspired riff, which sets the mood superbly for the song that follows. Pauline Frechette’s leading vocal soon follows, with it’s gorgeously gentle tones, an almost whispered nature at times, and an overall softly theatrical presentation that expresses the ideas with great emotion and openness.

There’s an honesty about the song that is often more associated with folk music, and this is well emphasised by the artist’s vocal performance. Furthermore, the instrumentation surrounding and supporting the whole thing has a lot about it that is creatively interesting and appealing. The snippets of double bass, the varying strings, the way the intensity builds in unison and then falls away – the song builds an effective and memorable atmosphere, and when everything falls away, it leaves plenty of space within which you can really take in those lyrics and the feelings behind the performance.

It’s a pleasure to discover a performance and recording such as this. By all accounts, it could be something known through a very classic film, from way back when, but then – to listen intently is to realise there’s nothing predictable about it. The overall sound has a familiar and warm feel to it, as does the artist’s voice and the honesty of the lyrics, but the track in it’s entirety seems to be driven by it’s own creatively free desire to express, and that’s a wonderful thing to witness – it adds great value and originality to the piece.

There are a fairly wide range of influences that could be detected in the differing moments throughout the track, but for the most part, Pauline Frechette offers her own interpretation of style, and it’s a beautiful performance – crafted with grace and presented in a calming and extremely easy to listen to sort of way.

Love In The Afternoon was composed by Pauline Frechette. The lyrics are by Pauline Frechette and David Campbell. The track features Stanley Clarke, and was arranged by David Campbell. Head over to Facebook to follow Pauline Frechette for updates and visit her Website for more information.

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