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Pauline Frechette Come Away With Me


The sensational Pauline Frechette returns this year with her gorgeous new song Come Away With Me. As with all of her music, the distinct style and softness the artist offers is unique to its core. The new song has a delicacy to it that is captivating; it’s expressed almost as a whisper, and along with this come lyrics that talk of while we both are sleeping, I can feel we’re dreaming – consistently lighting up this dreamlike concept and this feeling of quiet and calm.

Accompanied for the most part merely by a piano and the occasional creative wash of strings, Pauline Frechette’s voice and words are the heart of the song. As a listener, your focus is drawn to these; you’re left floating in the space within the music, though calmed throughout by the gentle intimacy of the story.

The melody fits the story superbly and this is something quite striking about the piece. It’s not a common thing to pick up on, but it works so well that it’s undeniably notable – the melody follows the intensity of the lyrics and indeed the instrumentation. Much as the soundtrack to a classic and effective film will have these varying moments of appropriate musical reflection, the song, and Pauline Frechette’s sound in general, follows the path of emotion and expression with perfect accuracy.

This same creative appeal is evident in her song Love In The Afternoon – this unique perspective and emotionally driven artistry is consistently clear. These stories come as a very personal form of expression made accessible and relevant to all. The storytelling draws listeners in, as does the gentle nature of the sound, and the revelations throughout have something very human and honest about them – thus keeping you compelled from start to finish.

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