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Patrick Kretzler Make You Love Me (Remix)


For a song that offers a certain style of melodic development which, in itself, is enough to entertain and satisfy any number of popular music fans, the remix of Make You Love Me presents a pleasantly surprising, high energy soundscape, which builds on that initial vibe in a strong way. What I mean by this is that the music, the creative production, the build up, the drop – all of it hits hard in the manner that many of the bigger EDM singles generally do. The ambiance is multi-layered, motivational, expressive, detailed, and on top of this – the song itself is smooth, well performed, characterful, and offers a fresh take on relationship struggles. The topic is widely accessible, the approach is appropriately in keeping with the electronic energy of the remix, and vice verse, so these two sides of the system work really well together.

Certain riffs throughout, particularly during the verses, add a definite touch of style that acts as a further trait of the whole release. Some of the lyrics also strike as really unique to the artist, helping craft that clear image and energy to effectively represent the sound. The music isn’t heavy, it’s light and uplifting, yet there’s so much going on – fans of EDM or pop-dance music will revel in the vibe of the single.

The further you get into it, the more the passion builds – the soundscape and the leading voice rise up hand in hand, and when the drop hits, the darker, more industrial side of EDM smashes into action, sharpening up those edges of the song even more so, and sealing the deal with regard to this being a solid and warming hit for turntables throughout the coming months.

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