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Paris Unltd Murder Me!


Paris Unltd’s recent single release Murder Me! is admittedly nothing like you might imagine based on the title and perhaps even the artwork. There’s a certain darkness and intensity to those two words, complete with its intensifying exclamation mark, and indeed to the battered and bruised image of the artist. However, as the first few moments of music start to pour through, it’s clear that this is a beautifully unique, creative, melodic and mighty piece of writing and performance – the sort that follows its own rules to great effect.

Murder Me! is a beautiful track, a light drum and bass style beat backs up a soulful yet gritty alternative pop melody – whilst various droplets of color and synths rain down in the outer edges. In among all of this is the song’s story-line. That concept is about the only thing as dark as the title implies. The song from a distance feels energizing, uplifting and possibly even quite optimistic. The lyrics drive home the details though, the depth of this writing – the passion and the pain that led the artist to make this release. The contrast between the music and the ideas is immense, and for all of these reasons – it’s a satisfying and rather addictive alternative hit. That drum-line and that melody work brilliantly together.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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