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An impressive debut, PANORAMA showcases a unique sense of identity, a brilliantly poetic writing style, and a stunning level of musicianship on this genre-meandering alternative single Hide.

While this song was quickly likable in itself – raspy, gravelly vocals from founder Ben, a level of grit and poetry intertwined amidst a fairly organic, indie rock set-up, things soon went from great to glorious as the true structure was revealed.

Similarly to the manner in which certain AWOLNATION songs would move from gritty, dark verses to blissfully joyful, melodic hooks, this song progresses from alt-rock to a near reggae-like vibe intermittently, which proves completely unexpected, but beautifully entertaining, addictive, and easily memorable.

Having enjoyed this one so much the first time around, it became a must to listen a few times over in one sitting. The same effect took place back when AWOLNATION first emerged. The sound isn’t a replica by any stretch, it’s just that structure. PANORAMA manages to move from a near-heavy aura to something far more colourful and perhaps mainstream friendly within the walls of a single provocative and deeply thoughtful song.

By the time the experience is over, the lyrics appeal more strongly thanks to the strength of the soundscape and delivery, so you’re more inclined to head back and listen through again. Those vocal changes, the move from distortion and fuzz to crystal clear intimacy and a light, bouncy rhythm – these details are superb.

This is almost like two songs in one, but it’s not, and it shouldn’t be – the concept and underlying sentiments of Hide are brilliantly well represented throughout the evolving stages of the song. And what a performance, topped off by a gorgeous guitar solo that weaves its way through the two opposing backdrops with utter style and emotional relevance. A stunning debut, I can’t wait to hear more from these guys.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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