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Pale Blue Dot Only Love


Pale Blue Dot offer up some gorgeous good vibes with this organic pop-rock track. They drive with strength of songwriting for sure, letting the soundscape build around the underlying sentiments and the leading singer’s clear connection to these as he performs. Things build and build throughout, moving from near-acoustic to full-band with gentle style and artistry. Meanwhile, the melody and the soulful grit of that vocal pave the way with genuine heart and passion. A beautiful song that grows more enjoyable as it progresses – and indeed again with each new listen.

It’s been a while since a song like this has crossed my path – it feels inspired by the likes of U2, the short lines that rise up and then fall during the verses, the sense of oneness and intent. Musically though there’s a gentle feel to everything, colourful yet free from tension or grit. Furthermore, the second vocal creates an unexpected dynamic, which actually increases that initial observation that things get better with every few moments that pour through.

The second time you delve into this track, the groove has that easily familiar warmth to it – an energizing beat, a simple but characterful bass-line, a scattering of horns and subtle synths. This time you’re already connected to the rhythm and energy of the whole thing, so the words seem to stand a little taller. Lines like Don’t wanna give up and Gotta stand up – these offer optimism, a feeling of possibility and calm. There are of course moments of turmoil within the lyrics too, but thanks to the brightness of the music these leave less of a mark than the more hopeful ones. In the end, this very idea of it being only love is one that feels quite soothing in itself. The second verse underlines this even more-so. You’re likely to walk away with a feeling of acceptance, that everything will be OK – something that’s always welcome in music and art.

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Rebecca Cullen

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Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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