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Ltronnika Space Warp


Defiantly reaching for immersive new peaks, devoted producer and artist Ltronnika brings back that unmistakable fusion of long-form melody and retro design, but does so in the form of a uniquely multi-layered, immersive and near-euphoric arrangement.

Space Warp is the brand new single from the iconic electronic composer, three minutes and twenty seconds of progression through various layers of both delicacy and distortion.

From heavier dance instances to dreamy resolves and reflective moments of contemplation, the whole progression of Space Warp proves a likeable, intriguing and comforting journey. It’s one that feels complex and colourful, yet also plays out beautifully as the subtly energising backdrop to your day.

As ever, the lyric-free soundscape relies upon melodic ventures that meander and collide before reaching an ultimately satisfying finish. Along the way, the music creates a blissful sense of clarity within the room around you – promising to inspire, without overbearing with volume or quirks.

A much-welcomed return from a producer who manages to consistently maintain a recognisable air of identity, whilst pushing the boundaries creatively every step of the way.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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