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P.M.K.S Untitled Valentine


This is something completely different for P.M.K.S. A timely release – a very Happy Valentine’s Day to all. Untitled Valentine is a unique song in its own right, but particularly so when you consider the musical catalogue of P.M.K.S before now. It’s a thoughtful, poetic and expressive song that draws your attention with it’s gentle use of melody and space, as well as with its unpredictable and unusual approach to lyricism.

Untitled Valentine seems to bid farewell to the punk-rock sound we often recognise in P.M.K.S. Instead of distorted guitars, a simple piano part emerges from the offset – a series of notes repeated throughout, simple yet colourful, leaning back and forth between the hopeful and the fearful (the major and the minor). It’s a complex soundscape in a sense, but it’s also distinctly minimalist in its musical substance. This works well, as stated – it draws you in and keeps you holding tight to the song as it progresses.

On top of the ambiance is of course the songwriting – the melody, the lyrics, the performance. Singer and songwriter Spike’s voice sounds more delicate and intimate here – a fitting adaptation for the subject matter at hand. As things move forward, the vocal performance changes direction on a few occasions. The verses for the most part offer a single note; a slow-motion rap or spoken word style of delivery. Later as the drum line kicks up a fuss, the melody grows, the hook sets in, and this is followed by the complete evolution of the entire soundscape. Layers of reverb and riffs and moments cascade around you. This is definitely one of the most musically exploratory and lyrically interesting releases of P.M.K.S so far. Nothing like you might imagine a Valentine’s Day single to be, but that’s a huge part of its appeal.

“You captured my soul in your lens, We can never just be friends.” – Untitled Valentine. 

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