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P.M.K.S The Catwalk Assassins


Bringing back the rhythm, melody and chaotic structuring of their classic punk-rock fusion, P.M.K.S add to their ever-growing musical catalogue with the characterful and Bowie-esque The Catwalk Assassins. The song emerges with a joyful gentleness, songwriter Spike Summers sticks to his creative guns with holding nothing back – as was the essence of the punk-rock or even alt-rock scene. As things move along, the song seeks to completely reinvent itself a couple of times over. The mood changes, the instrumentation drives this, the pace breaks down a little, there’s a sudden onslaught of space and bass-driven peacefulness, all before the song’s explosive hook crashes back onto the stage.

From a songwriting perspective, this sense of structuring combined with the story-telling works well in keeping your interest. There are no rules technically utilised, it’s creative freedom at a high, but it also works well – P.M.K.S are far from strangers to songwriting, and experience can really lead you down some unique and expressive pathways. The more you listen to this single, the stronger that hook section feels.

The whole song has a fairly light hearted vibe, almost comical on occasion – the lyrics and the chord progression and the melody all work in unison to represent this. There are certain changes from the joyful to the somewhat darker, always keeping you on your toes. On top of this, the song deals with something that doesn’t strike up too many musical comparisons, the subject matter is pretty fresh, as is the title concept. P.M.K.S have further this originality with the development of the soundscape. The hook feels familiar, in keeping with their sound perhaps, but these other, surrounding moments really widen the song’s reach and help maintain that multi-coloured entertainment value.

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