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P.A.T Ball On Em


Bringing through the classic heavy energy of street hip hop loaded with confidence, P.A.T’s Ball On Em sees the artist call out those who sit around nay-saying others and not making any real effort to progress. The entire outlook and feel of the track hits with impact, the hook is as heavy as the bass-line and beat, the chorus of voices add further weight and a sense of unstoppable togetherness, as well as reinforcing the rhythm and melody of that moment to make sure audiences remember and recognise it.

The bass-line on this track is intense and so the lighter, higher synth riff contrasts with it effectively – this is what gives the whole thing strength. As an artist, P.A.T is no stranger to self-belief and self-empowerment – his very name is an acronym for Potential, Ambition, Talented, and this track in itself speaks volumes for that sentiment and holds close to the creative’s own truth and perspective in an unapologetic way.

The more you hear the big beat and dark vibrancy of this track, the more recognisable it inevitably becomes. Those opening bars of music hold a certain level of anticipation for the drop that will follow, and this, combined with the sheer passion and volume presented by the leading voice, makes for something that holds nothing back, that hides nothing in terms of drive and intention, and that acts as a fitting leader for those who have a similar level of ambition. Listeners turn to music and hip hop in particular to seek out those with the outspoken confidence to be that leader, to inspire and empower, to encourage growth, and along with the attention to detail production-wise, this track undeniably reaches out for that role.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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