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Soaring instrumentals blend organic and electronic realms with intention and passion combined – Ozurie’s self-titled, two-track release is an alt-rock fan’s dream.

From the ethereal intrigue of a reverb-soaked, shoegaze-style opening moment, we’re draw into this arena-ready feeling of contemplation and rising anticipation. Soon enough though, Ozurie pierce through this delicate wonder, with the ferocity of distorted guitars, bass and drums united at pace.

It’s an unexpected shift, but ultimately raises the pulse well – once you’re already immersed in this emotive and thought-provoking world of indie-rock audio escapism.

Soon enough we get a back and forth dynamic taking place, with a nearly whispered vocal of distant ideas and storytelling – aptly in tune with the implications of the project’s opening title To The Moon. Then at the halfway point, all layers united and collide, cascading all around as this brilliantly high-octane drumline helps keep things gritty and beautifully chaotic.

Notably conceptual but also a full enough sound to be made the listener’s own, To The Moon delivers the kind of anthemic instrumental warmth that’s both heartbreaking and energising. You turn up the volume and lose yourself here, let the mind wander and the pulse race, as our leading singer softly counters that invigorating journey with continuously uncertain yet compelling vocals.

It’s a unique fusion of intensity and calm, and this quality continues yet finds new creative ground to play with, for Bend.

Here we get a kind of nostalgic grunge soundscape, but also that unmistakable vocal subtlety, and equally recognisable juxtaposition between weight and lightness.

As ever, the lyrics take something of a backseat initially, but you can hear the rising passion and energy, drawing you in more closely – to crank up the volume and unite with the sentiments as they pour through.

Consider something like Radiohead with a touch of Deftones and a dash of DIIV. In short though, it’s an Ozurie identity that stands tall across both of these songs, and it’s all the more welcomed right now – given the somewhat methodically-crafted status of the mainstream.

Ozurie allow the music and the moment to dictate the experience, and there’s a refreshing degree of humility to that, which allows the listener to feel authentically engaged as each arrangement gathers momentum.

Check out Ozurie on YouTube, Bandcamp & Instagram.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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