Oxaï Roura & Steve Osborne - The Secret Alien Union. Part 01. Defying Gravity - Stereo Stickman

Oxaï Roura & Steve Osborne The Secret Alien Union. Part 01. Defying Gravity


In addition to the release of Back From Sirius B (Nommo) under the project Or1, Oxaï Roura has collaborated with artist Steve Osborne to craft Defying Gravity (Experior.) As always, the sound takes you aback at first, the emerging ambiance and vocal presence creates something of a midnight gathering vibe – this meeting of the tribal and the electronic has a touch of wildness to it that is contrasted by the space and nature elsewhere. On top of this, the collaboration brings a confident spoken word section – a fresh sense of character, a captivating string of lyrics that appear soaked in certainty and even swagger. Again, this creates a distinct level of contrast within the track, and for a piece that is less than three minutes long – the experience feels much bigger.

The soundscape on this release is really interesting, the use of the repeated lyric presented by means of a chant adds to this overall feeling of there being some sort of initiation or secret ceremony in motion. The depth and pride of the leading voice really adds something that makes you feel involved, it makes it all seem relatable, so you listen to the words, you consider the universal aspects on display, and you notice every single beat and sample that passes by. It’s a striking piece of music, artistic as ever but also cleverly entertaining in a new and currently incomparable way. This is nothing like Oxaï Roura’s previous releases, and yet, at the same time, it’s soaked in the very same creative freedom and other worldly levels of inspiration.

There’s a definite sense of rhythm to this single that helps the whole thing progress in a hypnotic and quite compelling way. Each time you listen, the familiarity grows, and you become more connected to the ideas and to the movement of the music.

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