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Ooyta OG Diggers In The Subi (Feat. Ira Kwai)


After a hauntingly impressive and memorable debut, Sydney artist and rapper Ooyta OG returns with a bang as the collaborative new single Diggers In The Subi hits the scene.

Releasing under the newly formed brand GOLD DIGGERS CLUB, Diggers In The Subi features Ira Kwai and Ooyta OG doing what they do best – delivering heavy vibes, crisp production, and iconic, recognisable vocal threads.

Dark by nature in both audio and visual representation, Diggers In The Subi feeds into the contemporary rap scene whilst injecting a sense of clarity and creativity for a minimalist yet ultimately mighty degree of nostalgia.

Weave in a slowly increasing rap pace and a subtle back and forth for dynamic, and the completed track drives with confidence and organised chaos to become the natural anthem required from an effective follow-up.

Coming in at three minutes thirty seconds, Diggers In The Subi manages to hold your interest thanks to variations in flow, sound-design traits, and the later switch between vocalists for a total reboot in mood and character. The latter half offers presence and energy to recapture the appeal of the opening moments, and so the cycle continues.

A heavy new release from a corner of modern creativity and hip hop worth exploring.

Check out Ooyta OG, Ira Kwai and GOLD DIGGERS CLUB on Instagram.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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