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Omer B Groovy Stairs


Smooth contemporary Jazz blending subtle hints of influence from RnB and Pop as much so as Blues, Gospel and Funk – creative composer and artist Omer B joins forces with a handful of skilled musicians, to bring Groovy Stairs to life.

Featuring a strong groove but delicate overtones for a naturally calming listen, Groovy Stairs sets the mood with ease, and quickly manages to both soothe an anxious mind and impress the finely-honed ear of the true music fan.

Coming in at just past the four-minute mark, Groovy Stairs emerges complete with live-capture visuals, to further reinforce the ability and devotion of each musician. It then proceeds to weave an enchanting and uplifting web – one that feels much more extensive than its actual time-span seems to imply.

The whole thing subtly but surely rises in passion and heart throughout, the latter half sweeping the listener away a little on this changing energy and soulful journey towards a humble yet worthy peak.

Showcasing piano from Lorena Patricia Ramirez Ruiz, Horn by Denise Cianfagna, Drums by Andrea Ciaccio, Bass by Marvin Masok, Flute from Adi B and guitar from Omer B, Download Groovy Stairs via Apple. Find Omer B on Facebook & Instagram or visit the Website.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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