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Olivia Wik Let’s Dance


Catchy and timeless melodies intertwined with a nostalgic and spacious rhythm and colourful soundscape – Olivia Wik takes modern pop down a refreshing pathway with the rightfully uplifting Let’s Dance.

Showcasing a degree of rising anticipation throughout the opening verse, the song goes on to deliver a quieter, less full-sounding hook – more minimal, brighter in melody and more passionately presented, but somewhat delicate in production. This unexpected shift helps further the recognisable artistry of Olivia’s sound. Just the acoustic strum, the kick drum, and that voice, guide us through the essential resolve.

Structurally quite masterful, Let’s Dance brings together intimate songwriting with energising, relatable good vibes. The middle-8 in particular promises a stripped-back moment of soulful longing for connection and love. It injects an air of emotional weight into an otherwise light-hearted implication that is the universally recognisable call of Let’s Dance.

Great writing, faultlessly performed by a clearly capable and committed singer, with an overall sound-design and genre-fusion to it that the idea of future releases undoubtedly appeals.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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