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Olesya Bi Over It


Olesya Bi brings audiences a smooth and classically calming fusion of pop songwriting and subtle EDM. The beat and indeed the entire groove of this single Over It presents a sort of trip-hop-like aura, though admittedly with more of a constant sense of rhythm and solid progression. The backdrop is fairly minimalist, it comes through with a nostalgic quality – the dance-pop tracks of yesteryear had a similar natural vibrancy that filled the room in a cool and humble manner.

Vocally Olesya presents the melody and underlying ideas in a fitting way – her voice has a certain delicacy that blends into the gentle ambiance surrounding and supporting it in an easy to embrace fashion. It all just fits, the track plays the role of an effective bit of electronic escapism, for fans of trip-hop and alt-pop alike. In addition, the song’s melody has a subtle but certain level of catchiness to it – there were several dance hits throughout the nineties that utilized this sort of minimalist but effective tune-building to make sure that audiences recognized and remembered them.

The track’s lyrics are perhaps the last thing to really get to you – the bass line and the contrasting, distant vocal snippets create a soundscape that’s fully immersive in itself. Once you do catch the lyrics though they’re impeccably easy to connect with – this concept is widely accessible, though it’s presented here in a genuine, honest and believable way. The accompanying video for the single adds to the vulnerability and purity of the ideas. You believe that the story-line is real, but more than this – you begin to, where possible, relate it to your own experiences. That hook melody weaves its way into your mind and so do the words along with it.

The second time you hear this is where you really fall into the rhythm and tone and direction of it all. Over It is a well crafted and rather blissfully nostalgic release that introduces Olesya Bi in a strong and appealing way.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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