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ok jolson coming up for air (official music video)


Fresh from the upcoming album up all night, ok jolson’s coming up for air introduces the band’s seductively mellow and organic lounge sound in a cool, captivating way.

The video and single combined represent the band well. The softly funky progression and the nostalgia in both the image and the arrangement blends impressively with a clearly contemporary, poetic manner of song-writing. Weave in an exotically deep leading voice, subtly mixed so as to present a humble yet still compelling driving force, and coming up for air proves more than worth its weight in escapism.

Emotive and honest, asking questions that relate to the humanity in all of us, yet contrasting this with a certain laid-back swagger of a mood, the single has a defiant air of confidence and carefree identity about it.

You can’t help but listen, and watch, and immerse yourself in the journey. There’s something like humour and sadness intertwined, amidst a genuinely likeable musicality that would welcome a live audience with open arms. A pleasure to stumble upon.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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