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Off Pi5te When You’re Gone


Heavy bass and distortion back up soulfully alluring vocals, as creative producer Off Pi5te takes on a timeless style with absolute freedom of expression, for the addictively hard-hitting When You’re Gone.

Initially familiar but ultimately its own beast entirely, When You’re Gone draws the listener in with melody and gentle sentiments, alongside a contrastingly weighty bass and beat that quickly intrigue.

Soon enough we realise the sheer extent of the mix, the drop redirecting us to unpredictable yet brilliantly energising realms.

In true Off Pi5te fashion, the work represents the name with a plethora unorthodox traits, but always weaves in faultless attention to detail and mood combined.

Breaking and making his own rules, Off Pi5te still maintains an air of professionalism and precision, which allows the music to satisfy and swiftly prompt the listener to crank up the volume a few more levels.

The second time that drop comes it’s all the more striking, nostalgic for its old school rave intensity but also fresh in the sampling, effects and artistic choices that make up the unmistakable and ever-unique style of the producer.

A personal favourite from his catalogue, and indeed from the electronic arena overall this year. Brilliantly crafted for maximum impact.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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