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Odd Childd Sincerely From Odd


Straight from the heart through the studio to the listeners at home. North Carolina rapper and artist Odd Childd connects in an instant, reaching for the soul whilst impressing with his bars, and engaging with a clearly evocative, melodic soundscape.

The powerful story-telling and ambient presentation of True Story marks a mighty introduction to the Sincerely From Odd EP, and indeed to the thoughtful writing and impassioned style of Odd Childd overall.

Formerly Smurf, Odd Childd’s focus on the climb is clear – talent meets with professionalism and purpose, an understanding of what moves people as well as how the industry works helping him hit the scene with sincere impact.

If It Was Love follows on, another piano-led trap groove with cleanly-mixed, refreshingly honest vocals at the forefront. Odd Childd’s voice is unmistakable – not hiding behind effects and not blending in with the majority either. The stories he pours into this project feel genuine, creating a sort of deeply human bridge between the artist and his audience, and this, combined with the mainstream appeal of the production, lets the songs stand tall.

We move into Needed You and vulnerability sets in both lyrically and in the quieter, more humble and reflective delivery. Again the piano and trap style meets the mood of the project, and the story captivates for its faultless rhymes schemes and personal revelations intertwined. We also get a subtle balance between rapping and singing, which reinforces the performative diversity of Odd Childd.

This track offers a memorable hook, perhaps the most distinct of all, and paves the way well for the profoundly heartbreaking Too Late Now. Here Odd picks up the pace and the emotional intensity with a devoted ode to his Mother and his family, his past. The verses hold attention, every bar intentional in terms of the bigger picture – no moment wasted or there simply to rhyme; unlike many modern rappers. A personal favourite frack from Sincerely From Odd.

Beat The Odds stands out stylistically, a choir of distant voices and plenty of space, a story with twists of the unexpected, a fresh piano part. Originality shines for this one, and helps make it another defiant highlight from Sincerely From Odd.

To wrap things up, the classic formula returns, the Lil Baby vocal play inspiration meeting a more classic production, and the instantly unique tale and tone of Odd Childd quickly redirecting things down a new pathway. Like all of the tracks on this project, this one is brief, but its power and presence, its melody and warmth, resound in a way that makes you barely notice the song lengths.

Sincerely From Odd is a perfectly titled project, from an artist who takes the meaning of sincerity to heart, and proceeds to offer a nothing-held-back presentation of personality, realism, and passion.

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Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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