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Flawlessly produced, You by OCNS fades in and dissolves out like pages in an incredible epic, as if one is opening a book to an amazing page-turner that requires no page turning, just elegant listening. Keyboards flow into the mix, getting higher until the vocals break in, literally as if you are reading a pop-out book with sound blowing out of the folio. The drums create an infectious beat that leaves anyone pulsing to dance as the speaker repeats, ‘for you, for you, for you, for you’, hanging on the ‘you’.

Any human can identify with the need to get someone’s attention. Kurt Vonnegut once wrote in Slapstick that ‘any creation which has any wholeness and harmoniousness, I suspect, was made by an artist or inventor with an audience of one in mind’, something I wholeheartedly believe for any type of artwork, especially a song. By encompassing the feeling of need, one is bound to write a song that identifies with others, directly what OCNS has created. The listener hears the devotion and the yearning in the vocals, calling out and lowering for dramatic effect.

The saxophone commences in an incredibly enchanting solo, completely drawing the audience into the fascination, both of the song and of ‘you’. The vocals fade back in with spectacular mixing, taking over me, and every listener of You, understands the captivation. The catchy refrain is repeated, hitting every mark before fading out into an airy abyss while the saxophone plays an enormous solo. It draws any ear further into the song and deeper into the cave of desire, the cave in which the speaker resides. The electric guitar echoes throughout, calling one’s soul out to dance right before the solo. Such a song doesn’t need words because the feeling reverberates throughout the performance. The song is a dance-worthy heartfelt mix of jazzy blues pop, and frankly – I’ve added it to my permanent playlist.

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Alyssa Sanders


Born in Statesboro, Georgia before moving to Athens, Georgia for university. Moved to Los Angeles after graduation & life has been four strings of adventure ever since (bass joke). Plays bass in alt/indie rock group Dawne & likes to write about music tracks in her free time. Gangster essayist Walter Pater once said, "All art constantly aspires towards the condition of music." Such insight certainly reflects Alyssa's ongoing artistic journey & perhaps yours as well.

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