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Nuell Martin Operation Bifrost


Creative composer Nuell Martin is an artist with a decidedly thoughtful and intentional approach to music production. His latest release is an EP that brings together five original audio journeys, each of which presents a unique stage in the story-line, and a simultaneously unique series of emotions associated with it. Meanwhile, this hypnotically rhythmic, synth-soaked ambiance picks up the natural pulse of your body and calms your mind; helping you escape, gather clarity and focus, as the details and layers pour out around you. 

While this album is deeply conceptual, much of it is left to the listener’s imagination. There are connotations implied by the titles, and by the way each piece makes you feel, but ultimately there are not clear signposts other than this vast sense of travel and change. In many ways, this makes it all the more special – each individual who experiences the project will see themselves embark upon a journey unlike any other.

Operation Bifrost begins with a composition called Stealing The Secret. The music is incredibly uplifting from the offset, entrancing as it beats through, and the louder you listen – the greater the effect. Meanwhile, your mind wanders, if you let it. Perhaps there’s a level of movement, perhaps it feels as if you’re traveling at high speeds, through endless open spaces, or maybe it’s more of a floating stillness you focus on. In every case, creativity has met with professionalism perfectly well, so the music just works for you – filling in each gap or silent void with something of purpose and depth.

It’s a pleasure to listen through the full collection, but Stealing The Secret is a perfect introduction and a personal favourite from it all – The Gift is another. The former seems to kick off the journey well – start up the dream, begin the raining down of lights and colors. The EP follows on with varied emotions and intricacies that suggest there’s way more to this than a simple, single idea. Darkness and light intertwine, working against and with each other intermittently. The whole thing is well worth experiencing in full. A blissful and provocative collection that takes you somewhere completely new.

Operation Bifrost is a conceptual album that Nuell Martin plans to write as a novel at some point. Download the release in full via Bandcamp.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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