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Nowhere Fast Music The One I Love (REM Cover)


Time for a hit of much-welcomed nostalgia – contemporary rockers Nowhere Fast deliver a closely knit cover of the infamous REM single The One I Love, showcasing their own delicate yet immersive and passionate approach to rock in a naturally engaging way.

Emerging as part of a two-piece single, the song feels like a worthy ode to the original, but also gives off a fresh edge of identity in the softness of the voice alongside the weight and warmth of the indie rock arrangement.

That shoegaze-esque arena of reverb and melody blends with a suddenly punk-inspired vocal grit as the hook resolves – a moment of true character for the band, who prove themselves more than capable of carrying the natural peaks of the song. It’s an impressive introduction that urges you to keep listening for the follow-up.

The second track is one called You Act. I Write – a live acoustic performance that pierces though the silence with intimacy and precision alike. Faultless vocals shine beautifully here, further bridging the gap between artist and audience, and highlighting all the more notably the talent and commitment of Nowhere Fast.

Beautifully honest, indicative of vulnerability and fearless dedication musically all at once, this second release categorically seals the deal.

Nowhere Fast have the sound, the style, the ability, and the quiet yet captivating presence. A pleasure to stumble upon.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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