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Nothing But You, Nicky Tell Me


Tell Me is a gently evolving ballad that features a simple musical backdrop, taking inspiration from classical or even jazz music on occasion. As the song progresses, the key characteristic and driving force behind its sentiment is the leading vocal performance. There’s so much personality and emotion in the performance, this is shown in varying degrees as the song moves from the gentler, almost whispered verses, to the much more powerful and bold sounding hook.

Throughout the entire release, the performance has something of a free-flowing or freestyle aura about it. There’s a theatrical feel to the delivery of the lines on occasion, but never leaning too far away from what is authentic. You can hear the passion and the connection between the words and the singer, and that’s what makes the song unique.

Structurally, everything has been thoughtfully arranged, the whole track crafted in a way that reiterates the rising passion and the movement from the softness of the verse to the more memorable melody of the hook. All the while, the melody in general and the musical backdrop maintain that element of jazz. There’s a sense of the unpredictable to it, not following any set path or finding itself confined to the rules of modern pop or radio standards. The creativity of everyone involved shines brightly, and this adds to the individuality of the completed composition.

It’s an interesting song that stands out for a number of reasons. With future releases it’s highly likely that audiences will recognise the style as well as the tone and character of the leading voice. The possibilities are endless in terms of the songwriting, the lyrics have something fresh and unexpected about them. Hopefully there’s a lot more to come.

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Rebecca Cullen

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Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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