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Introducing a vastly unique realm, within which electronic dreams awaken unsuspecting parts of the mind – producer and artist notevenstevens shakes up the production world with the dark and intensely immersive project Chains.

Goin Up acts as a merciful introduction, showcasing the strength of the ambiance and industrial flair united amidst the clear skill of a producer with unpredictable tools of expression at their disposal.

We then delve into a further industrialised, mechanical Float, and the sheer detail of the work is highlighted all the more so.

Far from a one trick pony, unpredictability is key – along with versatility. The sudden humanity, melody and euphoria of Infatuated takes things into new creative plains. An admittedly catchy number, still with those factory-style flavours but infectious in unison thanks to Kehar’s effortlessly smooth vocal. The track injects a much-welcomed level of intrigue into Chains, and effectively keeps you listening to see where else the journey take you.

Boasting 5.06 million impressions already from use of their music on TikTok, with a recent number 4 spot bagged in the Australian iTunes Electronic chart, notevenstevens has seen exponential growth over the past year or so – reaching 23,000 views through Instagram reels and 24,000 streams on Soundcloud.

The album Chains looks set to undeniably secure this growth. Eclecticism continues amidst the sheer identity and intricacy of the sound. Consider the dreamy and catchy yet immersive, hypnotic and overwhelmingly powerful Paradise – a personal favourite for its stylish blending of mainstream qualities and outright experimental, alternative edges.

Then afterwards, retro electronic rock hits hard for Torn2Pieces. Arrangement matters, and contrast works its magic throughout these 13 original tracks.

Certain traits of the notevenstevens sound act as threads throughout the album. The hammer and nail authenticity and darkness, the nostalgic distortion, the stops and the starts.

Nitrous makes for a fine example of these qualities standing alone, providing a chaotic representation of a very particular experience, and aptly taking the listener through the ups and downs of this as the soundscape evolves and captivates.

Highlights during the latter half include the fuzz-thick presence and power of Haunted, the absolute creative purity and appeal of High Beams – utterly original and masterfully enchanting – and the minimalist grit and cinematic prowess of Tactical; a superb show of unparalleled ability, innovation, and attention to detail.

Undoubtedly a creative worth knowing about – reminding audiences of the limitless possibilities that lie within an uninhibited, fearless approach to making music.

Album out April 8th. Check out notevenstevens on Bandcamp, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram & Spotify.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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