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Normal Suits Stay Away From Carnivals


Creatively toying with the very concept and unsettling, performative core of late-night carnivals, Normal Suits take a heavy stomp of a rhythm, distorted guitars, and a retro vocal tube to lead listeners through a unique story and indie-rock-to-grunge-esque soundscape.

Making fine use of contrast, Stay Away From Carnivals rises up from simple, spacious moments of rhythm and voice, to the full-throttle embrace of a hard-rock chorus. There’s a certain sense of character and recognisability to the verses, perhaps more so than the suggested hook – things have a quirky level of intrigue during the quieter moments, whereas the chorus has more of a melancholic, provocative and all-encompassing degree of weight to it.

As an introduction to the band, the song ignites nostalgia and, hopefully, that long-missed passion for the live rock scene. The final quarter in particular sees things veer off into electric guitar-led realms of pure expression and angst.

The lyrics take something of a back-seat to the overall mood and feel of the track initially, though with each revisit you connect a little more notably to the story. There’s a touch of Queens Of The Stone Age to the rhythm and production, but in tone and concept Normal Suits manage to strike up their own flame of creativity.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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