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Norine Braun Evening Song


Norine Braun’s Evening Song is one that’s beauty simply cascades over you as you listen. There’s a simplicity to the piece that is so very organic and alive, like a breath of cool, fresh air – effective right from the opening section. The scene is set, the cultural foundation is laid out, and the music that follows is every bit as poignant and relevant as it needs to be.

The song has been beautifully written, with all of the raw and minimalist moments good song writing thrives on. The music remains organic and real sounding, with a certain softness to it that gently ushers you into a dream-like state, or a feeling of being in some far away land. The vocal performance as well, and the manner in which this has been mixed into the piece; it fits just perfectly with this ambiance and this atmosphere created by the soundscape. The voice is every bit as gentle and meaningful as the overall track and it’s concept, with an almost whispered nature to it at times, as it slowly but surely lulls you into a comforted state of being.

The way in which the melody seems to loop and wrap itself around you, several times throughout the piece, is yet another element that adds greatly to the hypnotic and calming effect of this song. It’s a gorgeous piece of music, incredibly effective in the way that it reaches out to you, and really well thought out it seems – everything from the title to the instrumentation to the final production. Not a moment was wasted.

Evening Song is a massively appealing track, one that is nothing short of a guarantee to bring the right kind of audiences in closer; most probably to seek out more music from Norine Braun. Her sound is, by design, that of the folk meets acoustic blues sort of origin, but at it’s core; there’s a hugely creative presence, which is something far more powerful than any genre or label can indicate. It’s escapism, for audiences who love music to be so beautifully complete that it simply takes them away from their reality for a while.

Listen to Evening Song over on Bandcamp. Check out Norine Braun’s Website for more information, and follow her on Facebook and Twitter to stay updated.

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