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Noizy Neighbourz My Love Is Right


Confidently enticing the summer season with a fresh beat and a creative and smooth set of sounds and riffs, Noizy Neighbourz’ latest offering, My Love Is RIght, a re-work of the 80’s Champagne classic, has its finger right on the pulse of what audiences are likely to embrace over the coming months. Multi-instrumentalist and producer Darryl Connell, aka PROJEKT 4, has considerately crafted a track with a charming fusion of upbeat energy and lightness. The release is sleek and fun and draws you to move and keep moving from start to finish.

Alison Bethune’s leading vocal line has the style and beauty of a classic nineties dance singer, complete with the passion and soul required to offer up a believable and memorable performance. Her delivery of the song brings about a feeling of slight nostalgia, as does the dreamlike ambiance laid out among the beat. It’s actually refreshing though to hear something brand new presented in this way. The sound is everything listeners will need to get their energy up and ready for the weekend. The energy of the drop following each hook has a style and intensity that captivates and works well to complete a slick and easy to love piece of music, full of good vibes.

The accompanying video for the duo’s new release is a well directed and relevant piece of film work that backs up the concept and mood of the track brilliantly. Flawless production on the song has lead to a number of remixes being created which offer a different set of sounds and a slightly tweaked level of energy and intensity – White N3rd provides a big breaks alternative and Frankee brings the drum and bass – so whatever the time, whatever the climate, the track has your back.

My Love Is Right will be released through Champion Records on June 23rd. Find and follow Noizy Neighbourz on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram.

Rebecca Cullen

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Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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