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No/Hugs Your Satisfaction is Fake


“Pretending that we live doesn’t make us alive.” This is a quote from System of a Down front man Serj Tankian, which prefaces the music video for No/Hugs’ latest single, Your Satisfaction is Fake. What is basically an anthem for self-discovery and individuality, Your Satisfaction is Fake implores all of us to thoughtfully reflect on the contents of our being. It’s an extremely polished, hard-hitting rock song, that isn’t afraid to ask the toughest of questions when it comes down to our happiness.

No/Hugs is a 4-piece alternative-rock band out of Boston, Massachussetts, who have made big name for themselves in a very short amount of time – and it’s not hard to figure out why. Hard-rock music mixes with pop-punk melodic sensibilities to create an undeniably addicting sound that No/Hugs has all but mastered. Seriously, these women are excellent musicians and songwriters.

Often compared to the likes of powerhouse singer Lzzy Hale, the not-so-secret weapon rounding out this all-female band is lead singer, Narcissus A-Ngel. A-Ngel’s voice is something that needs to be experienced to truly understand how special it is. Her soaring vocals can hit just about any note with unwavering aplomb, yet there’s an ever-persistent, vulnerable undertone that ties this thread of connection between her and the audience.

Your Satisfaction is Fake is the culmination of all of these elements and is an absolutely fantastic alternative-rock song. Thumping drums, and alluringly soft-spoken vocals kick things off – until a wall of sound explodes on the track. From there, No/Hugs continue to show just how diverse they can be – with constantly changing rhythms, precise syncopation, and some of the coolest breakdowns and solos in recent memory. Finally, there’s a key change toward the end of the track that showcases A-Ngel hitting some truly superhuman notes.

If you’re not following No/Hugs yet, and still aren’t convinced – take a listen to Your Satisfaction is Fake. It’s an awesome piece of art that’s guaranteed to change your mind.

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Larry Iaccio


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