Noah Archangel & The Band of the Hawk - Old Gods & The New - Stereo Stickman

Noah Archangel & The Band of the Hawk Old Gods & The New


From the album The Maschine Wars: Songs of Solomon, this opening track is a massively complex and creative piece of music that grabs your attention from the offset and refuses to let go of it for the extent of the experience. At first the beat appears as a fairly classic, perhaps familiar hip-hop venture. Soon enough, the entire track erupts into this movie-like moment of epic drama and intensity. The beat becomes a soundscape, the rhythm becomes a story, the cinematic samples and overall energy surround you in a powerful way, blowing any and all expectations right out of the water.

Whatever you may have been expecting or attempting to predict about this creative instrumental project, you’re like to be way off the mark. What unfolds before you is a weighty and emotional journey through audio, the sort that seems as if it were constructed by a mass orchestra of musicians and minds. The production on the project is beautiful, this means that from the delicate and reflective, right through to the heavy and familiar and passionate, the sound is crisp and mighty and effective.

The producer toys with your awareness of the content, teetering occasionally into comforting and familiar territories, before swiftly striking back again into the land of the unknown. It’s a huge sound, relentless in its approach to creativity but not in an overwhelming or inaccessible way. You feel part of this, the experience includes you, it moves you – sweeps you off your feet even. Consider the fact that music is, for most of us, the absolute God of escapism. This type of soundtrack encapsulates that concept and provides the relevant experience at all times.

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Rebecca Cullen

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Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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