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No Signal Seat of Dreams


Fresh from the new album Seat Of Dreams, the acoustic presentation of The Trap showcases No Signal as all at once ambiently intentional, conceptually thoughtful, and musically skillful and expressive.

There’s a certain classic soft-rock quality to the delivery, feeling far more like a stripped back performance from a heavier band than anything purely folk (as the guitar picking might briefly imply). As the song progresses, the leading voice grips you more and more – moving from delicate and nearly whispered during the introduction, to ultimately passionate and just gritty enough to really present this story-line with genuine heart and struggle.

The Trap is a beautiful song, poetic and personal in precisely the kind of way that tends to reach out and draw over the deep thinking music fans for a moment of absolute isolation and escapism. The word classic came to mind as the performance is mildly reminiscent of rock breakdowns from the nineties – the MTV Unplugged days that hit hard for their emotional and honest auras. While The Trap does indeed build and build, every stylistic choice makes perfect sense in terms of the progressing story-line – subtle hints of evolution help really drive home the concept and the impact of this on the singer or central character.

This is, ultimately, a powerful and a quite stunning piece of writing and performance, that builds up and falls away gorgeously. The rest of the album appeals all the more so for the purity and realness offered up here.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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