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No Limit Savage Overwhelming (Remix)


This latest, remixed release from No Limit Savage offers listeners a chaotic and glistening soundscape that fuses creative, experimental instrumentation with a distinctly modern hip-hop rhythm and vibe. At under two minutes long the experience is notably brief, however – the brightness, pace, and color of the track leave a memorable mark.

For what emerges at first as a rhythmic and heavily effected, electronic hip hop release, the single later evolves into something slightly more retro and even surprisingly joyful with regard to the keys and effects chosen to highlight this development. The shortness of the track means that you listen more than once, more than two or three times even, most probably thrashing the repeat button if you’re a fan of the genre and the freshness combined. The production on this piece has left everything shining brightly, standing tall as it should, leaving you with a release that is uplifting, energizing, and able to be heard at high volumes without the risk of the quality deteriorating.

From a composition perspective, there’s a definite sense of structure and story telling to the music. The lyrics fly by far too fast and too distantly for you to be immediately swept away by the sentiment, but in actual fact this works in the song’s favour. The ocean of audio that unfolds is indeed, relevantly, overwhelming. The lyrics you do manage to catch add to the uplifting and easy going nature of the music, this vibe created by the beat and the high energy of the leading vocal performance. The voice ties in powerfully with everything around it – every instrument, every effect, every riff, every line, every moment – all of it appears as connected and united in this explosive arena of musicality. Well worth checking out.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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