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Nikotene From the Floor


Nikotene have always been known to hit hard and make themselves heard, and this latest release is far from the exception. In actuality, From The Floor is quite probably the duo’s most intense and immersive release yet, seeing the weight and pace of relentless EDM rain down around you from the offset.

If you’re a fan of hardcore EDM, the sort of track the DJ spins at the peak of an epic rave, you can’t help but love this single. Such a fine fusion of high-octane drum-work and a manically excitable, brief yet memorable vocal, with all of the surrounding riffs and synths – each equally brief but notable – the whole thing begs for you to fall mercy to the rhythm or pulse of the experience.

Balancing professionalism with expression and intent, From The Floor is simple in nature but complex in terms of the various intricacies and layers that give it so much weight. While there’s a definitive level of unity between everything, as the beat hits and you lose all connection with reality, there’s also plenty to be appreciated in terms of the finer details (if you so choose to focus in on these). Nikotene come at this from a clear love for the art form – this is the music they themselves crave, and so that inherent and intense aura is absolutely authentic; these are the reasons the music kicks in with such authority and power.

An addictively brilliant EDM track that refuses to adhere to contemporary guidelines and instead takes to the nostalgic ways of DJ sets from yesteryear – admittedly with a slight neo-classical, dark and mysterious twang about it. Absolutely worth more than a few spins at volume. Two and a half minutes is far from enough.

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Rebecca Cullen

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