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NIKITAA Universe


An ever-creative NIKITAA stylishly blends organic musicality and skillful pop sensibilities for her powerful new single Universe.

Leading with a unique fusion of distorted guitar and smooth, RnB-inspired vocals, Universe progresses to be a wholly immersive song and soundscape, with a classically catchy core but a musical undertone that effectively refreshes.

The release, originally premiered over at Rolling Stone India, emerges complete with another captivating set of visuals – depicting the artist in performance once again, strengthening that artist-audience connection and understanding in a genuine yet professionally captured light.

As the song goes on, the strength of the melodic progression, concept and indeed vocal-work of the singer all shine with increasing brightness. The hook is awaited eagerly in every case, and the lyrics speak from the heart, reflecting on building something; working towards paving a new way towards a brighter future.

You can either take this as a broader idea relating to all of us and everything that 2020 has been, or a simple yet poetic and beautiful declaration of longing to a significant other. In either case, the lyrics and the delivery unite perfectly well to deliver something inspiring and subtly memorable. Really nicely done.

Check out NIKITAA on Instagram or read our interview to find out more.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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